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At APEX we place a high emphasis on our team members’ personal growth, proper mindset, customer service and clinical excellence.  This “educational library” is intended to be a resource for our APEX team, our patients, physicians, attorneys, business owners, and anyone looking to learn and grow.  Please share with anyone you feel would benefit.  

I plan to continue to add to this educational library.  If you have any topics you would like to learn about, please send a request below.  This information is for educational purposes only.  


Dr. Brian L. Seymore

Dr. Brian Seymore


EDX testing (Link to Videos for each)

VNG testing

EEG testing

Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis (Cervical)

Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis (Lumbopelvic)

Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis (Thoracic)



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common Peroneal Palsy

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome


Radiculopathy (EDX)

Radiculopathy (Spondylolisthesis)

Cervical lordosis and cord tethering

Upper Cervical Ligamentous Assessment (apical, alar, transverse)

Spondylolisthesis (diagnosis, mobilizations, motions to avoid)

Plantar fasciitis (mechanics, treatment:  orthotics, laser, ice)

Plantar fasciitis (mechanics, treatment:  orthotics, laser, ice)

Scoliosis diagnosis and treatment

Thoracic Outlet (1st rib / scalenes tent, pec minor / coracoid process)

Whiplash & Concussion


Whiplash & Concussion

Personal Injury case work up (documentation, independent & credible specialists on the case)

Personal Injury and EDX (candidates, significance of findings, pre-existing, causation, permanency)

Personal Injury and VNG (candidates, significance of findings, pre-existing, causation, permanency)

Upper Cervical Ligamentous Assessment (apical, alar, transverse)


Balance (3 systems:  Vestibular, vision, proprioception)

Vestibular System:  3 Canals (Posterior, Horizontal, Superior)

3 Problems (Canalithiasis BPPV, Cupulolithiasis BPPV, Traumatic Vestibulopathy)

Vestibular Maneuvers: 5 Maneuvers (Epley, Lempert/BBQ Roll, Hanging, Brand-Daroff, Casani)

Habituation Exercises

Adaptation Exercises

Balance training (plane deficit specific)


Cold Laser Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy


Thoracic Outlet conservative treatment (FHP, 1st rib mob, inhibition of scalenes & pec minor)

Inhibitory soft tissue mobilization 

Facilitatory soft tissue mobilization

Phases of Exercise (Therapeutic, Endurance, Strengthening)

Use of Ice and the Huntington Lewis Reaction


Viewing Failure

Top Three Reasons for Failure (Rationalization, Resistances, Fear)

Accountability:  2 questions (what did I do, what can I do next time)

KRC Triangle 

Self-Talk (subconscious)

Choices (Now…. < Then)

Success Triangle

Problem Presenters

Problem Solving Steps

 Judge and be judged

 Seeking Advice (Currently or recently doing it successfully and with integrity)

 Careful accepting advice from (1. Well meaning, but unqualified.  2. Covertly hostile)

 ARC Triangle

 Law of the Four Seasons

 Types of Exchanges (Criminal, Partial, Fair, Abundance)

 Careful of your influences

 Time & 2 Min Friends

 Sort your prospects, don’t sell (Red, Green, Brown Apples)

 Levels of commitment (Telling, Non-Verbal, Reversal, Multiple Checks, Exchange Value-$)

 Communication Formula 

 Complements (accepting and delivering)


3 barriers to study / learning (Absence of mass, too steep a gradient, misunderstood words)

How people learn (Reading 10%, Auditory 20%, Visual 30%, Do & Say 90%)

5 Systems of Training (Say & explain, See, Role Play, Do it with supervision, Monitor Stats) (See 1, Do 1, Teach 1)

4 Phases / Stages of Learning (UI ? CI ? CC ? UC)

Learning Curve

Formula for Change (D x V) + F > R


Overview of each (various names, quick overview of each)

Sanguine (deep dive)

Choleric (deep dive)

Melancholy (deep dive)

Phlegmatic (deep dive)


Bonding & Rapport (Tone, Speed, Matching & Mirroring, Bonding Statements)

Up Fronting

State the Obvious

Rescue Principle

Going for Nice

OK/Not OK Principle

Reflexive / Defensive

Asking Questions (Open ended vs Close ended and when to use each)

Positive feedback vs Negative Feedback

Lake Woebegone Effect

Boxing In

Going Negative vs Going Positive

Strategy for Attacking Excuses (Objection:  Bonding, Reversing, Boxing in)


6 Conditions of a business (Non-existence, Danger, Emergency, Normal, Abundance, Power)

4 Ways to grow your business and increase profit

7 Components of a business

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