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Our precise diagnostic testing can, when present, objectively diagnose mTBI / concussion (VNG), identify a traumatic vestibulopathy (VNG), identify if a trauma is acute (caused from your client’s injury) and/or if there is an acute injury superimposed on an existing/chronic condition (EDX).  All objective diagnostic testing is performed by qualified and experienced medical physicians and technicians.  

Our reports are the careful combination of a legal document and a medical record.  Our objective and unbiased tests are of substantial value for your clients’ care and their case. 


We understand there is an enormous amount of work that goes into preparing an injury case.  At APEX, we make it simple by taking over the medical case management for you.  We work with a professional network of independent and credible specialist (neurologists, orthopedists, pain management specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.) to ensure your client has access to the appropriate clinical specialists.  

Our case managers will communicate with your legal team to share our physician’s recommendations for specialists’ consultations and/or care, and verify that it makes sense for the case to have the specialist consult with your client. Our case managers will provide all specialists’ reports to all providers on the case as well as provide all specialists reports and bills to you, their attorney.  

This allows you to focus on what you do best- handle the legal side of the case.  The end result is a properly worked-up case from a medical-legal perspective, better quality of care for your client, and this all will reflect positively for case settlement.  

To discuss how we can best help you with your clients’ injury cases, request a meeting with Dr. Seymore.




Electrodiagnostic Test (NCV/EMG/US)

Your Clients Who Need an EDX

Sample EDX Report (Traumatic Radiculopathy)

Sample EDX Report (No Pre-existing)




Your Clients Who Need a VNG

Sample VNG Report (mTBI/Concussion)

 Sample VNG Report (Traumatic Vestibulopathy)




Your Clients Who Need an EEG

Sample EEG Report  (mTBI/Concussion)


We understand your clients and their case depend on credible and objective independent diagnostic testing.  We also understand how to appropriately document injury findings to clearly support your case.

Our experienced team identifies injuries, including mTBI / concussion, and rules in / out pre-existing injury appropriately.  Your client will receive a timely appointment, often within a few days, and our caring team will help your client to prepare for their appointment to ensure the best testing experience possible.

Our team recommends and, when appropriate for the case, refers to other credible specialists as needed to support your client’s care.

You will receive a completed diagnostic report promptly, typically withing 48 hours of the test.  Your patient’s diagnostic report will be thorough, easy to read.

Bottom line:  We identify the critical data and provide the valuable documentation to have a favorable outcome for your case.

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