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Symptoms, any symptoms, like pain, numbness, tingling, dizziness, loss of balance, headaches/migraines, to name a few, are never “ok”.  They are a sign you have a problem.  We will work to find the root cause… or causes of your problem.  We understand your concerns and the concerns of your doctor.  Having timely and accurate diagnostic testing is the KEY in helping your doctor to get the precise diagnosis needed for your condition before the correct treatment plan can be chosen.  Without the proper diagnosis, the treatment is a “guess”, and guessing with your health is unacceptable.  

Our devoted team is ready to help you so your doctor can choose the most effective treatment for your specific condition.


Brian L. Seymore, DC, PT, DABCE, DIBE
Diplomate, Am. Bd of Clinical Electrodiagnosis
Diplomate, Int. Bd of Electrodiagnosis

“I am so very proud of our incredible professional diagnostic team of Neurologists, Audiologists, Physical Therapists, Technicians and Diagnostic Coordinators.  

We strive to offer the very best quality diagnostic testing with 5-star customer service.  You have my word, our team will offer their very best for you and our team is second to none.”

                                                 –  Dr. Brian L. Seymore

Dr. Seymore’s Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


Marcia Ribeiro, MD

“I was happy to join the APEX Diagnostics team, because I personally witnessed their incredible customer service and clinical excellence with my own patients. I was excited when the opportunity came for me to join a team who performs high-quality diagnostic testing with comprehensive reports that actually help clinicians better understand the results, thus making it easier for them to implement more successful treatments for their patients.”

                                                 –  Dr. Marcia Ribeiro

Dr. Ribeiro’s Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Ro Elgavish, MD, PhD

“Since I started interpreting EEGs for APEX Diagnostics in early 2021, I have been very impressed with their commitment to quality and service. I have worked with many neurodiagnostic labs over the years and I am honored to work with a team that clearly tries to do their best for their referring providers and patients.”

                                                 –  Dr. Ro Elgavish

Dr. Elgavish’s Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Troy Hale, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA

“It has been a privilege to work with a group of professionals providing exceptional service and outstanding patient care as our top priority. This team always challenges themselves to improve the quality of their work.”

                                                 –  Dr. Troy Hale

Dr. Hale’s Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Oluwaseun Ajifowobaje, DPT, ECS, RMSK
Physical Therapist
Ultrasound Technician

“I am very proud and honored to be a part of the APEX Diagnostic team which includes our experienced physicians, technicians and diagnostic coordinators.  Our team works tirelessly to provide the very best diagnostic services and care to all of our patients.”

                                                 –  Dr. Oluwaseun Ajifowobaje

Dr. Ajifowobaje’s Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Caren Dihshah, DPT, ECS, NCS.T.
Physical Therapist
Ultrasound Technician

“Since starting my career in healthcare, it has been my personal goal to make a positive difference in the lives of my patients. I love being a part of the Apex Diagnostic team that also embraces this philosophy. We are here for you with the best attention, detail, and care we can give as you travel on your journey of healing.”

                                                 – Dr. Caren Dinshah

Dr. Dinshah’s Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


Jennifer Giordano, R.NCS.T.
Case Manager
Registered (Certified) Nerve Conduction Study Technician

Paul Brennan, C.VNG.T.
Certified Videonystagmography Technician


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